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performances of this song.

Live information
Name Rain
Tours Showbiz (3)
Pre-Showbiz (1)
First performance 7th February 1997
Latest performance 25th January 1999
Pro-shots None
Audience footage None
Audio recordings
# of performances 4
Uno Live Database 0%

This page contains a list of all known performances of Rain.

Analysis and Explanation

Rain was written in 1996. It was performed at only one known gig in 1997, not being performed at the 03/31/1997, 06/05/1997 or 08/15/1997 gigs. The 1998 setlists that are known did not include Rain either. In a strange turn of events, the rumour that Rain was performed live in 1999 was proven when two setlists from 01/15/1999 and 01/25/1999 surfaced, both of which included Rain. As the setlist for the first 11 concerts in 1999 was not changed very much, it can be assumed that Rain was performed at least 11 times in 1999 before the band decided not to move forward with it.

No recording of Rain live exists though it is possible that Rain was performed at the Reading University February 1999 gig, now infamous for the tape of the concert that surfaced years ago.

Showbiz era


Date Venue Location
1999-01-25 The Cavern Club Exeter, UK
1999-01-15 The Forum Royal Tunbridge Wells, UK
1999-01-?? Unknown January gig UK

Pre-Showbiz era


Date Venue Location
1997-02-07 The New Railway Inn Torquay, UK

See also

This is a table of demo-era live performances.

Note: White indicates performed during the year listed above.

Black indicates no known performance that year.

Last updated: December 31, 2019.

Song Title 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 #
Backdoor 3 3
Sling 1 1
Feed 1 1
Jigsaw Memory 2 2
Connect the Kettle Lead 0
Good News 0
Falling with the Crowd 0
Forameus 1 1
Boredom 2 2
Rain 1 3 4

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