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Dom : [[Limp bizkit]], Radiohead, [[Pavement]], [[dEUS]], [[Smashing Pumpkins]].
Dom : [[Limp bizkit]], Radiohead, [[Pavement]], [[dEUS]], [[Smashing Pumpkins]].
Chris: [[Helmet]], [[Korn]], [[Deftones]], [[Beach boys]], [[Nirvana]].
Chris: [[Helmet]], [[Korn]], [[Deftones]], [[The Beach Boys]], [[Nirvana]].

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Radiohead are a Alternative Rock/Electronic/Experimental band headed by Thom Yorke that was primarily popular in the 90's with their famous albums OK Computer and The Bends, and songs such as Creep (Pablo Honey), Just (The Bends), Paranoid Android (OK Computer), Karma Police (OK Computer) and No Surprises (OK Computer).

Some critics often cite Muse as Radiohead's sound-alikes, although fans generally consider all similarities to be vague if not irritating, and that they were dissolved with the release of Origin of Symmetry. Some similarities may include the similar singing style and vocal range of Matt Bellamy and Thom Yorke, and the progressive rock influences in both bands' music.

Muse considers such squalid comparisions to be "lazy journalism." http://i49.tinypic.com/2qs3y80.jpg

Bellamy is bored of the Radiohead comparissions, especially since he does'nt consider that Muse & Radiohead plays the same kind of music, but he preffers takes'em as a compliment. http://www.microcuts.net/uk/news/archives/11052001-microcuts_team_meet_matthew_bellamy.php

Muse haven't covered the song "Creep".

Matt Bellamy never had met Radiohead, except of Colin (Radiohead´s bass player) & he says that is "cool." http://www.microcuts.net/uk/news/archives/11052001-microcuts_team_meet_matthew_bellamy.php

In a band's interview featured in the February 22 1999 issue of NME the interviewer (Mark Beaumont) said some times that Muse is a band that "sounds exactly like Radiohead" about this Matt Bellamy answered:

"We don't want to get pingeonholded so easily."

"it's too easy to say you soun like this, you sound like that," says Chris "People don't listen to the stuff enough to make up their own mind about it."

"we take our influences from a lot of American bands, like Nirvana, Matthew asserts. And, yeah Radiohead at the time of 'The Bends' were doing new things with guitar music that it's hard not to be influenced by. If that's your opinion, then fair enough, i just don't care." http://i49.tinypic.com/2qs3y80.jpg

"Matt is very intersted in new technological tones: he likes Björk very much, or stills Amnesiac, Radiohead's last album, but he doesn't likes Kid A at all."http://www.microcuts.net/uk/news/archives/11052001-microcuts_team_meet_matthew_bellamy.php

In 2003 Matt Bellamy said: "There are two ways of making new music : You can do something totally new and refreshing or you can work on already excisting concepts, adding things to it. The first thing is difficult to do, actually that's only possible with making new sounds with computers. The second way is just correcting things. Actually there's also a third option which is doin a little of both, Radiohead's Kid A is a good example of that. That's what we are doing, looking at the past and trying to make progress.http://www.microcuts.net/uk/news/archives/05042003-interview.php

What are your 5 favourite bands of all time?

Matt: Primus, Nirvana, Jeff Buckley, Deftones, Rage Against The Machine.

Dom : Limp bizkit, Radiohead, Pavement, dEUS, Smashing Pumpkins.

Chris: Helmet, Korn, Deftones, The Beach Boys, Nirvana.


In an interview with the Italian magazine, Panorama, Matt and Dom were asked about if are there any relation between Muse & Radiohead.

Matt replied “If you want to know just how strong our relationship with Radiohead is, ask Dom here. He’s on splendid terms with Thom Yorke.”

To which Dom replied “Splendid terms my arse. I respect them musically, but the last time I met him we almost started a fight; he treated me badly, looking down on me. Matt, do you spread around this bollocks?”

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