Québec City Plaines d'Abraham 2017 (gig)

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Announcement picture
Muse show
Venue Plaines d'Abraham (Festival d'été de Québec)[1] [en: Plains of Abraham (Quebec City Summer Festival)]
Date 16th July 2017[2]
Location Québec City, QC[2]
Country Canada
Support Mondo Cozmo[3]
Start (EST) 9:00pm[4]
Capacity 100,000[5]
Price Click here for details
Sold out? Yes, except regular passes

A festival show in between the North American Summer Amphitheatre Tour.


Confirmed by the Festival d'été de Québec on January 27th, 2017, Muse will be one of the headliners and the festival closer of the 50th edition of the Festival d'été de Québec (Quebec's Summer Festival). They were the first band announced for the festival. 50 artists of the line-up was announced on March 8th and then all of the line-up was announce on March 29th. A pre-sale for the festival pass will be available on March 7th and the regular sale will be available on March 9th.

Muse is headlining the festival alongside Kendrick Lamar, P!nk, Backstreet Boys, Lady Antebellum, The Who, Metallica and Gorillaz.

This is the first festival in the Quebec province followed by Osheaga Festival, a couple of weeks after.

Price details

Type Price Sold out?
Desjardins Presale[6] 85$ Yes
Regular Pass[7] 95$ No
105$ - starting June 6th, 2017
Gold Front Stage Zone [8] 615$ - one card for 11 days Yes
730$ - 11 dated cards
Silver Front Stage Zone [9] 350$ - one card for 11 days
400$ - 11 dated cards
Bell Signature Zone [10] 400$ - one card for 11 days
450$ - 11 dated cards