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[[File:SoundwavesCooperageflyer.jpg | thumb | right | Muse Flyer]]
| Venue = Plymouth Hoe
| Venue = Plymouth Hoe

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Muse Flyer
Muse show
Venue Plymouth Hoe[1] (Soundwave Festival[2][3][4])
Date 15th August 1997[2][4][5][6]
Location Plymouth[2][6]
Country United Kingdom
Songs 13[6][7]
Support Unknown
Start (UTC+1) Unknown
Capacity Unknown
Price Free[8]
Sold out? Unknown

Muse performed on Friday the 15th of August,[5] at the Soundwaves festival in Plymouth.[3] The festival took place on the Hoe, a promenade on the sea front, and spanned from the 15th to the 17th.[8]

Matthew Bellamy purportedly had a Pro Co RAT pedal, which stopped working and he kicked it around for "5 minutes".[1]

Michael "Stoner" Stone, the author of the recording, was acquainted with the band at the time of this performance.[7] Bellamy addressed him as "Stoney" before Overdue.[9] This was the debut of Hate This & I'll Love you, as Bellamy said at the end of said song.[7]


After Sober Bellamy "Thank you".
Before Muscle Museum "Thank you very much. This song is called Muscle Museum".
After Muscle Museum "Thank you".
After Escape "Thank you very much".
After Spiral Static "Thank you".
After Agitated "Thank you! ... This next song is called Instant Messenger".
Before Fillip "This song is called Fillip".
Before Overdue "Thank you. Uh, how are we doing for time? ... Uh, right uh, this next song is on our CD, it's called Overdue. Right Stoney? Uh, yeah, it's a good song".[9]
After Overdue "Thank you".
After Hate This & I'll Love You "Thank you. First time we've ever played it, ever. ... Well cheers. [away from mic] What?"


Muse's performance was broadcast over a local radio station. Michael Stone, or his brother, made a tape recording of this broadcast.[6][4] Of this, a clip of Overdue surfaced on the 8th of August[10] and of Spiral Static on the 31st October.[11]

As well as the Soundwaves gig, this recording also has five songs at the end.[7][12] In order, they are:

  1. Spiral Static
  2. Plug In Baby
  3. Do We Need This
  4. Hate This & I'll love You
  5. Showbiz

These songs contain no crowd noise and thus have been speculated by Stoner as possibly being a demo.[7] Of these, Spiral Static, Hate This & I'll Love You and Plug In Baby were substantially different from their final incarnations.[7] The tape was sent to Paul Nicko by Michael Stone around the same time as the Newton Abbot demo tape, but it went missing/lost in transit.[13]

The plan was for the tape to be ripped in the same fashion as the Newton Abbot demo. When the tape went missing in the post, those involved waited in case the tape was recovered. In September 2009 however, they gave up and released a rip made by Michael Stone before the tape was posted.[12] A copy of this rip could be obtained on MuseLive before it went down, though it is now available to listen to below.



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