Panic Station (song)

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Dom with the names Leaked
Muse song
Name Panic Station
Album/single The 2nd Law (album)
Length 3:03
Alternative titles -
First live performance
Latest live performance
Recorded 2011-2012
Writer/composer Matthew Bellamy
Producer Muse


According to Matt, in the Radio 1 interview after 'Survival', this track features brass. Muse have cited Prince as the inspiration for the 80's effects on the track. The song is described as having a "hysteric" feel, which is reflected in demented 80's elements such as backwards 'Let's Dance' drumbeats and riffs reminiscent of INXS' 'Suicide Blonde'. It features more gasping vocals from Matt. "That's 'Scary Monsters' Bowie meets Primus", says Matt. "Doing a funk track was for us remembering Rush and Primus, the more slap-bass things we liked." "Those big, spacious, wet, massive drum sounds," adds Dom. "It started to conjure up memories of songs we'd listened to or grew up on in the 80's by Prince and Stevie Wonder and we wanted to take it in that direction."[1]


By error of Bellamy, Howard, Wolstenholme or Kirk, the name of the song was leaked by a photo on Twitter, until it was deleted.


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