Orléans Astrolab 2000 (gig)

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Matthew live at L'Astrolab
Matt performing
Matt after the show
Matt on piano
Muse show
Venue Astrolab[1]
Date 15th January 2000[1]
Location Orléans[1]
Country France
Songs Unknown
Support Unknown
Start (UTC+1) Unknown
Capacity 550[2]
Price Unknown
Sold out? Unknown

The band's setlist was nearly "1/3 unreleased songs", including b-sides.[3] This heavily implies Feeling Good, Nishe, Recess, Plug In Baby, Screenager and Minimum were played. As with almost all gigs from 2000 it can be assumed Showbiz ended the night.

A full setlist is not known today, as no recordings from this show have surfaced yet.

Set list



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<gallery> File:2000-Orleans1.jpg|Matt after the show File:2000-Orleans2.jpg|The band with some fans File:2000-Orleans3.jpg|The band performing File:2000-Orleans4.jpg|Matt on guitar File:2000-Orleans5.jpg|Matt on piano File:2000-Orleans6.jpg|Matt on guitar File:2000-Orleans7.jpg|Matt before the show File:2000-Orleans8.jpg|Chris on bass File:2000-Orleans9.jpg|Chris on bass File:2000-Orleans10.jpg|Chris on bass File:2000-Orleans11.jpg|A close-up of Matt File:2000-Orleans12.jpg|Matt on acoustic File:2000-Orleans13.jpg|A close-up of Matt File:2000-Orleans14.jpg|Matt on piano File:2000-Orleans15.jpg|Matt on guitar File:2000-Orleans16.jpg|Matt on guitar File:2000-Orleans17.jpg|Matt on guitar File:2000-Orleans18.jpg|Matt on guitar File:2000-Orleans19.jpg|Matt on guitar File:2000-Orleans20.jpg|Matt on guitar File:OrleansAstrolad_2000_01_15.jpg|Matt on guitar

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