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=== 15 Track Cassette ===
=== 15 Track Cassette ===
A selection of 15 songs chosen by Dom after the last session at [[Coombeshead Studios]] in April 1997. This cassette probably has always remained in the possession of the band and they used it in 2019 for the CD "Newton Abbot Demos" contained in the box [[Origin of Muse]].
A selection of 15 songs chosen by Dom after the last session at [[Coombeshead Studios]] in April 1997. This cassette probably has always remained in the possession of the band who used it in 2019 for the CD "Newton Abbot Demos" contained in the box [[Origin of Muse]].
=== Touring ===
=== Touring ===

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11 Track Cassette Inside cover and tape
15 Track Cassette Inside and Tape
Muse demo
Name Untitled
Tracks 11, 6, 4, 15
Total length
Recorded Coombeshead Studios, November 1996–January 1997[1]
Writer/composer Matthew Bellamy
Producer Unknown
Format(s) Cassette
Release date 1996-1997
demo chronology
This Is a Muse Demo
1997 Sawmills demo


11 Track Cassette

The auction page
The final bid

An untitled demo cassette featuring 11 tracks that Muse recorded at Coombeshead Studios[2] in Newton Abbot between November 1996 and January 1997. The only song released from these sessions was "Balloonatic", on the 1997 compilation Helping You Back to Work volume 1.

Samples of the demo tape were shared on Muse fan sites on 8th December 2007 and 24th February 2008.[3] The tape was put up for auction on the 28th of February. A cross-website campaign by members of the Official Muse forum,[4] Muselive.com,[5] MuseWiki and MuseMessenger,[6] spearheaded and bid for by informally elected trustee SpaceDemented,[7] was set up prior to the auction's start.[8] The campaign raised ~£2,500, of which only £740 was needed to win the auction.[9] Digital copies were released on Muselive on the 9th of May, 2008[10] The bid itself hovered at £410[11] in the days prior the the bid and £680 on the last day. In the final thirty seconds, it increased by the final £60. The bid ended at 23 minutes to midnight on the 5th of March. A total of 34 bids were made during the auction.[12]

Three sets of digital copies were made, one in a studio and two by FireSka. The first of these latter two was made using Dolby noise reduction built into the tape deck and the second without.

Responding to a question concerning the demo sixth months after the release, Christopher Wolstenholme joked that Andrew Stone would not get any more concert tickets. He described the resultant feeling as being akin to parents showing baby photos to a "new friend or girlfriend" and thought £700 had been a "bit of a rip off to be honest".[13] On the unused side of the tape, the original owner had recorded a number of songs by various artists.[14] On the left side of the track list space, there is a tracklisting which has been scribbled out, including The Prodigy's "Breathe" and Smashing Pumpkins' "Tonight, Tonight". [15]

6 Track Cassette

In January 2009, a 6-track demo tape from the same session was listed on eBay. The tape was copied from studio recordings for the seller by Matthew Bellamy. The original cassette tape contained a recording of Coombeshead College Choir that was copied over by Bellamy, and the B-side of the cassette contains five tracks of the seller's band.[16]

Ruptured Ambitions demo (4 Track Cassette)

In 2009 and again in 2010 this cassette was listed on eBay. It had originally been sent to Chris Willsher of Ruptured Ambitions Records, based in Devon, by Muse. It featured four tracks from the Newton Abbott demo sessions, although the quality of the tracks on the tape ultimately proved to be better than those on the full demo tape.

15 Track Cassette

A selection of 15 songs chosen by Dom after the last session at Coombeshead Studios in April 1997. This cassette probably has always remained in the possession of the band who used it in 2019 for the CD "Newton Abbot Demos" contained in the box Origin of Muse.


At the time of this demo being printed and shortly after, the band toured with twenty-five songs, though this number could be much larger. Based on current knowledge, Muse played the following songs live at the time of this release and just after:

Muse - Showbiz.jpg
Hullabaloo Soundtrack.jpg
Showbiz and
Origin of Symmetry
B-Sides Demo Stages

Track list

11 Track Cassette

  1. Falling with the Crowd
  2. Agitated
  3. Coma
  4. Balloonatic
  5. Forameus
  6. Boredom
  7. Crazy Days
  8. Sober
  9. Jimmy Kane
  10. Rain
  11. Ashamed

6 Track Cassette

  1. Coma
  2. Balloonatic
  3. Untitled (Sober)
  4. Boredom
  5. Jimmy Kane
  6. Ashamed

4 Track Cassette

  1. Agitated
  2. Sober
  3. Balloonatic
  4. Ashamed

15 Track Cassette

  1. Cave
  2. Rain
  3. Agitated
  4. Crazy Days
  5. Coma
  6. Connect The Kettle Lead
  7. Balloonatic
  8. Boredom
  9. Sober
  10. Jimmy Kane
  11. Ashamed
  12. Plug In Baby
  13. Earthquake
  14. Good News
  15. Overdue

Audio hashes

  • Hash tables, first master copy »

  • Here are hashes of the pcm audio data.
    # md5
    01 9e67a32609288db6e026b3bb92b0393f
    02 c4d95d0fa245d7ec3235b027b8ab1ecb
    03 3ba645bcedab36e150f483c0b24c57e3
    04 712365c2c5e6e210888aadc3ccddd8cc
    05 677faaa06282d3a6bf67dbb624b09d3c
    06 60ec2e5ab5eb4e8ff43c56f59a327b18
    07 bf8378f6984cc97055c1f8c86d916464
    08 7836e51a84139c650b388842dcad8447
    09 6dba29f14e2c4d45189a1f3fc24e2419
    10 d233b789fd08e53f5284b0987b671b2a
    11 74b04d50289c062d47faac847eb20025
    # sha512
    01 b7cd89152667d98083871b66bb25c881555b4b9c9e0a24cdc5decfc5a86bff310d0ced75287630eb4951b6e250fa22d577a5e43a112b9f7aabce49319263252c
    02 e355d0c771e93b3e3c9cb422408b97ccc69c1aea712f0bf117ddcfbcf8823f519dd3bfef604df48bac13bd11ea31d56318eeb4e86ef76cf8868ca5c0091f2266
    03 13d49d5b3c00687b30db7fe48c99e427dcf85d09ad39312123bb898ca5de6aa1298024d0424e3a75a967e2f969a989d96a1c1035ae0ad59d547f4d298cd34b9a
    04 ffe637ad8b05d50c58327f8ce10302302e5ebecbb8e055ed0a635f9f50fe84ca87b052503c3a12a3387d3b2b1ff430b7be5cd065760f3f1526a4580de5dbc0e4
    05 c6e9bd90d5490ed56d584f504878eeb5dc2b158d4b19b5a7ff897ddf33a427a1636b68b0fcb912ea8481acb77a22b5fabde4f6724efbb9628cdb09b8ef0c11e9
    06 23d8d66a1b8b899088067654a152996c8557bdd9a8988e796f9f17da1340ab7583467020fa877d8b23c21a36eadc20b6e4184c47898281b3cbe05864344e675a
    07 54e1165d87c585d726195aeb867921f44f0800cce98d4118387c7e49d28b8fc7ed559fa43c99188f1f94a3b5948ed678976f7967ea1b09a2d592c877f4774f08
    08 954016afde29f2a6821c003a6fa2229bffdcd379f40358eeee9814ffedeaaeb77c1218aa5c76f1ff20c75339a8531e7d356cbddd7ba213292ab3c7c80bae4d94
    09 641d6c1f502e7fd669fb4db261f61c6d6f3b623569533f22a0ff93ad2a7e4d28b8b6e011b3784ca3e530ce5cea608cb94acf38bb49bb001a9a1fe0c7a0441972
    10 d689dae61a2dd57b0898fc68670a6a1ea998643f41b2759aeb623048e04fce279624ed8b788365b0c9f5bf13b2101f276e444dc5e67fd13afdc9e76cac8563d2
    11 10dcfed0d8f4924c0b0831d972b445793edc305e301b281ee9d8ef8678bbd1bc39d8e70f099bc9d8eed1bc2d7c7a01c4b2b983d4faef76ad7a0bf123d2ff75b8



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