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MuseCast was created in late 2005 by a group of fans from the official messageboard at Rather than it being a site just for the collection of media or reporting of news, MuseCast introduced podcasting into the Muse scene. The shows bring news, reviews and discussion in a medium that is interactive as well as informative.

The site is no longer available unfortunately.


Podcasts were first introduced by Apple upon the released of their popular program iTunes. Podcasting allows people to produce their own downloadable radio shows that can be shared with anyone around the world, all under Apple's podcast directory on their music store.

The shows

On episode 1 they discussed the Absolution tour DVD. Although it was a hectic and technically flawed show it gained quite a following and set up a good foundation for the following shows. By the time they reached episode 2 the show had two sections where the staff discussed the Earls Court gigs and they answered questions that were submitted by the listeners. Finally after much tweaking and work the show finally reached a good audio quality by episode 3 and beginners nerves seem to have faded. Successful sections were now permanent features on the show.