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Welcome to MuseWiki
Wiki for clever people, intimidating ay?
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Muse wiki is the ultimate resource centre for the British Rock Band Muse. It doubles up as a community and a fansite, provides up to date and disturbingly detailed information about every concept of the band Muse. It's a Muse universe. So make sure you take a good look at the Muse fansite and help out if you think some sections are wrong or some bits need improving. Cheers, Crazybobbles

Founder of MuseWiki, owner of

Matthew Bellamy (vocals, guitar, keyboard, lyrics)
Christopher Wolstenholme (bass, backing vocals)
Dominic Howard (drums, percussion, human bones)

Muse in the news

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Upcoming Muse gigs

New Muse tour expected later this year

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Did you know?

...that before the team-up, MuseWiki was the source for the official website's gig archive?

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