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Cover art
Interior and disc
Back cover
Muse EP
Name Muscle Museum EP
Tracks 6
Total length 20:48
Recorded 1998, Sawmills Studio
Writer/composer Matthew Bellamy
Producer Paul Reeve
Art work Steve Conner, Phil Andrews
Publisher Dangerous
Format(s) CD, CD-R (promo only), cassette (demo only)
Catalogue № DREX CDEP 104
Release date January 11th 1999
EP chronology
Muscle Museum EP
Random 1-8


The first glimpse of Muse's new direction, with the introduction of Muscle Museum. "Instant Messenger" would later be renamed to Pink Ego Box. The EP was a limited and hand numbered edition (999). Unnumbered editions were issued to radio stations and journalists. Numbered CDs were sold at local stores and at concerts.[1]

Matthew Bellamy handed the receptionist at BBC Radio 1's studio a copy of the EP, telling him or her to give it to DJ Steve Lamacq.[1] It came a surprise to both Bellamy and Christopher Wolstenholme to hear it played by Lamacq a few months later.[1] After its airing on Lamacq's show, Muse ended up in indie charts after the CDs sold out in shops.[1]


Some CD-Rs were made at the Sawmill recording studio before the release of the EP. Promo CD-Rs with a coloured sleeve were also made by Motor in Germany, although the EP itself was never released there.

Sawmills demo

demo chronology
1997 demo < 1998 Sawmills demo > Sunburn/Overdue

A cassette demo was made at Sawmills featuring tracks that later appeared on the Muscle Museum EP, as well as "Cave".

Track list

CD, Sawmills; DE promo CD-R

  1. Muscle Museum – 4:20
  2. Sober – 4:02
  3. Uno – 3:46
  4. Unintended – 3:56
  5. Instant Messenger – 3:31
  6. (Muscle Museum)#2 – 1:16


  1. Muscle Museum (Full Lenght) – 5:29
  2. Sober – 4:03
  3. Uno – 3:38
  4. Unintended – 3:57
  5. Instant Messenger – 3:30

Sawmills demo

  1. Muscle Museum
  2. Instant Messenger
  3. Cave
  4. Untitled (Unintended)
  5. Sober
  6. Uno

Muscle Museum EP gallery


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