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Maverick Recording Company is an American record label, and part of the Warner Music Group. It was founded by Madonna, Frederick DeMann, Ronnie Dashev and Warner Bros. in April 1992. Muse signed a deal with Maverick on the 24th of December 1998 to allow for the release of their debut album Showbiz in the US. Maverick heavily promoted Muse, providing them with many tour opportunities in support of successful bands, radio sessions and the production of many promotional media.

Muse were due to release Origin of Symmetry in the US, in 2001. During the early promotional phase of the album's release, Maverick asked Muse to re-record some of their songs to make them more radio-friendly in America. In response to this, Muse left Maverick and Origin of Symmetry went unreleased in the US until 2005, once Absolution had become successful there.

After the release of Absolution the Maverick logo reappeared on some Muse media as Muse had rejoined record companies in the Warner Music Group.

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