Markbass SD 1200

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Markbass SD 1200
Two SD 1200 in Chris's rack

The Markbass SD 1200 is a now-discontinued bass amplifier head, produced by Italian bass amplication manufacturer, Markbass. The SD 1200 is the bigger brother to Markbass's popular SD 800 head, but with more headroom. It has, as its name suggests, 1200 Watts of power and is thus suited for larger stages. Both amps share the same control features. It has a solid-state preamp and a 4-band EQ with two bands of semi-parametric mids.

Chris has been using the Markbass SD 1200 head as his clean amp ever since The 2nd Law era. It has replaced one of his Marshall DBS 7400s, which previously served as a clean amp. Chris has two of them in his setup, one of them serving as a backup.


  • Power: 750W RMS @ 8 ohm & 1200W RMS @ 4 ohm
  • 500 kiloohms of impedance @ 9Vpp (Input)
  • 33 kiloohms of impedance @ 12Vpp (Effects return)
  • Effects send output
  • Tuner output
  • Line output
  • Speakon speaker output
  • Gain knob (-80 to +25 dB of gain range)
  • Master volume knob
  • Line out knob (fron panel level control)
  • Pre/Post-EQ switch on rear panel (for line out)
  • Ground lift switch on rear panel
  • Low EQ knob (Center frequency at 40 Hz, level ±16 dB)
  • Low-Mid knob (Semi-parametric; frequency between 100 and 800 Hz, level ±16 dB)
  • High-Mid knob (Semi-parametric; frequency between 700 Hz and 6 kHz, level ±16 dB)
  • High knob (Shelf at 10 kHz, level ±16 dB)
  • VPF (Variable Pre-Shape Filter) knob (Center frequency at 380 Hz - cut)
  • VLE (Vintage Loudspeaker Emulator) knob (Frequency between 250 Hz and 20 kHz - cut)

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