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Manson Mirror Kaoss
Mirror Kaoss
Manufacturer Manson Guitars
Used 2009-09-15 2010-03-19
Body type Solid
Neck joint Bolt-on
Body covering Mirror Acrylic with a Satin Silver headstock
Wood Body: Unknown
Neck: Birds eye maple
Fingerboard: rosewood (22 frets)
Bridge Most likely a Gotoh 510TS-SS1 Tremolo
Electronics One volume, one tone, 3-way toggle pickup selector
Pickup(s) Neck: Fernandes Sustainer FSK-401
Bridge: 2× Bare Knuckle BKP92s
Special circuits


This guitar made its public debut for the Later Live... with Jools Holland performance on the 15th of September 2009. It is the first of Matthew Bellamy's guitars (apart from Rust Relic) to have a string tree on the headstock.

It was also the first since the M1D1 to have a kill switch and the first to have a push button rather than a toggle switch.

The Mirror Kaoss was rarely played live, probably due to the weight. This was the first of three guitars Tim Stark at Mansons made for Matt.

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