Manson Keytar

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Manson Keytar
Manson Keytar
Manson Keytar
Manson Keytar
Manufacturer Manson Guitars
Used 2010-?
Body type Solid
Neck joint Unknown
Body covering Unknown
Wood Unknown
Bridge None
Electronics Unknown
Pickup(s) None
Special circuits Two-octave keyboard


This guitar is almost identical to the Keytarcaster, with the addition of neon lights running around the outline of the guitar and keyboard. Features the classic "Mattocaster" shape, with the right hand playing a two-octave keyboard and the left playing the bass notes up the neck. This was the 3rd guitar Tim Stark at Mansons made for Matt.


It was first used at Glastonbury Festival on 26th June 2010 for Undisclosed Desires.

This guitar is now retired and displayed in the MUSEum for the Drones World Tour.

Songs used for

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