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Manufacturer Manson Guitars
Used 2001–2005
Body type Solid
Neck joint Bolt-on
Body covering 1.70mm Aluminium (back and front) 1mm sides
Wood Body: Poplar
Neck: birds-eye maple
Fingerboard: rosewood with white dots
Bridge Fixed (schaller bridge)
  • Neck: Seymour Duncan Hot P90
  • Bridge: Kent Armstrong Motherbucker
  • Roland GK-2a MIDI pickup
Special circuits


Although officially called "Manson Delorean", the guitar is known to fans as the "Silver Manson" and "Industrial Disease"

Hugh Manson on the Delorean

"Matt came to the shop and asked me to make a guitar for him. He had a definite idea of what he wanted it to sound like. We reached the body design through a combination of me drawing and him pointing and we got there pretty quickly, I think there was just a slight alteration on the top horn. In terms of the aluminium finish, that was an interesting one. I plated the whole thing and thought, 'My God, I'm gonna have to polish this and that's gonna be a nightmare.' It was all covered in really rough file marks and looked industrially atrocious. I was summoning up the energy to take it home and spend a week flattening it down and polishing it, but before that I took it down to the shop to show the lads how it was going. By fluke Matt turned up at the shop that day and I said, Why don't you have a look at the work in progress? He looks at it and goes, 'Oh wow, I love the finish!' I thought, That's brilliant, exactly what I want to hear."

Additional Information

Manson DL-1 replica

This was the first custom built guitar Matt got from Hugh Manson. In an interview with Australian Guitar Magazine, Matt talked a bit about how this guitar came to be:

- Matt wanted a guitar that sounded like a P-90 Gibson guitar but looked like a Telecaster. In his sketches, he essentially drew a Telecaster with a hook on it, similar to an SG.

- As he was spending lots of money, Matt really wanted to make this unique. Instead of going for a wooden guitar, he was inspired by the DMC Delorean in Back to the Future and thought it would be great to have a guitar with a rough metal finish.

Official replicas of the Delorean, Black Midi and Glitterati Manson can be bought from the Manson online store. The DL-1 range (DeLorean series 1) has a starting price of £2999 for a Aluminum basic version, the internal Fuzz Factory is an additional £300, while both the internal MXR Phase 90 and internal Fuzz Factory an additional £600. Custom Manson hardware comes at a price of additional £250 for the standard guitar and £275 for the internal effects one.


This guitar has been retired from live use since the start of the Black Holes and Revelations tour.

Songs used for (pre-Black Holes and Revelations tour)


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