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Muse song
Name Man of Mystery
Album/single The Supermassive Selection (12)
Length 1:54
Alternative titles Spanish riff
First live performance 26th May 2007
Latest live performance 8th March 2008
Recorded 2007
Writer/composer Michael Carr
Producer Muse



Originally an instrumental song by the 60's band, The Shadows. It was played for the first time in Luxembourg, 26 May 2007 before Time Is Running Out and appeared regularly on setlists on the BH+R Tour. It hasn't seen any appearances in future tours however.

The band recorded their cover version and it was featured on a CD curated by the band in the 13th June 2007 issue of NME. They used a mobile studio on their laptops, working overnight on their tour bus between shows on their 2007 European tour, before emailing it to NME.[1]


With attentive listening a theremin-like sound can be heard throughout.


Man of Mystery is the third highest played cover song, and was played commonly from May to July 2007. When the band recorded the song for the NME Supermassive Selection was roughly around the time the song was played. In its last few performances in July it was played at every other gig. Perhaps it was a song the band had been rehearsing for a while and, when recording it for the NME promo disc, decided to play it live as well. After two performances in August the song was dropped from setlists, with the exception of one performance in March 2008.

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