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(Glorious made its comeback to the UK at SBE 2017 !!!)
(It's Township instead of Execution...)
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| 18 = Time Is Running Out | 18app = {{GU |[[Manson Mirror]], Pedulla ?}} {{encore | 2}}
| 18 = Time Is Running Out | 18app = {{GU |[[Manson Mirror]], Pedulla ?}} {{encore | 2}}
| 19 = Blackout | 19app = {{GU |[[Manson Delorean]], ?}}
| 19 = Blackout | 19app = {{GU |[[Manson Delorean]], ?}}
| 20 = Stockholm Syndrome | 20app = + {{Execution Commentary}} + {{Hyper Chondriac Music}} outro  {{YTw |pNkqE68Klb4}} {{GU |[[Manson 007]], Pedulla ?}}  
| 20 = Stockholm Syndrome | 20app = + {{Township Rebellion}} + {{Hyper Chondriac Music}} outro  {{YTw |pNkqE68Klb4}} {{GU |[[Manson 007]], Pedulla ?}}  

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The Small Print
Pyrotechnics during Butterflies & Hurricanes
Muscle Museum
Standing ticket
Seated ticket stub
Muse show
Venue Earls Court Exhibition Centre[1][2]
Date 20th December 2004[1][2]
Location London[source?]
Country United Kingdom
Songs 19[source?]
Support Secret Machines, The Zutons[source?]
Start (UTC) 20:00[source?], 18:00[1][2] (doors)
Capacity 19,000[source?]
Price (GBP) 25.00[2]
Sold out? Yes[source?]

The concert was announced on the 21st of October,[3] the reason citing "unbelievable" demand for the previous night's pre-sale.[3] General sale started on the 23rd October 2004 at 09:00.[3] More tickets were put on sale on the 19th of November at 09:00 through gigsandtours.com.[4]

This was the 'black jacket' gig and featured a set-list slightly different from the night before.

Dominic Howard and Christopher Wolstenholme opened up the gig, while Matthew Bellamy ran around backstage with a camera (as he did the previous night).[source?] However, this time Matthew Bellamy had a monkey hand puppet on which he danced around on camera.[source?]

After The Small Print, Bellamy broke the Ibanez guitar he was playing, picked it up, walked to the edge of the stage and threw his guitar into the audience.[source?] The Micro Cuts ending slowed down to an almost complete stop. Thomas Kirk said that Blackout "was fucking ace", in response to the question "how cool was blackout! ;)".[5]

Last performance of The Small Print in the UK.


After Apocalypse Please Bellamy "Thank you [?]".
After Hysteria "Thank you".
After The Small Print Howard
After Sing for Absolution "How's it going Earls Court? [crowd cheers] Nice to see you again".
After Space Dementia "Thank you".
After New Born Bellamy "Thank you very much. Cheers".
After Butterflies & Hurricanes "Thank you".
After Plug In Baby "Thank you!"
After Time Is Running Out "Cheers!"
Before Blackout Bellamy "Thank you very much, cheers ... Ok, this next song, instead of getting your lighters out, everyone get out their mobile phones and switch their lights on".
Before Stockholm Syndrome Bellamy "Thank you very much Earls Court! Thank you very much for coming, it's been a fucking great pleasure to play for you. Means a lot coming home to a big crowd like this, so thanks very much for coming. This is uh, we'd like to say, a very merry Christmas and a happy new year".
Howard "Merry Christmas. ... Cheers. We'll see you next time, this song is called Stockholm Syndrome".
After Stockholm Syndrome "Thank you very much Earls Court! You guys have been amazing".
Wolstenholme "Cheers".
Howard "Cheers, we'll see you next time".


The Small Print and Stockholm Syndrome feature on the Absolution Tour DVD.

Butterflies & Hurricanes and Ruled by Secrecy from this concert were the first videos released of the two nights, along with The Small Print from the day before - these were put on Muse.mu. XFM broadcast the gig[6][7] in its entirety aside from Glorious, which was replaced by a recording of Dead Star from the previous night. A recording of this broadcast can be found in Muselive.com's media section. This recording contains extensive artefacting and low lowpass. An audience bootleg was also made.



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