London Astoria 2000-01 (gig)

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Matthew Live at Astoria
Muse show
Venue London Astoria[1]
Date 31st January 2000[1]
Location London[1]
Country United Kingdom
Songs 9[note 1][source?]
Support Unknown
Supported Ash[1]
Start (UTC) Unknown
Capacity 2,000[source?]
Price Unknown
Sold out? Unknown


The performance was broadcast on Freeview digital television.[source?] A recording of this is available in HD format on YouTube here.

Muse destroyed the stage at the end of Showbiz.


Based on recording
  1. Whammy Jam + Uno [watch—480p]
    (Yamaha Pacifica 120)
  2. Sunburn (guitar) [watch—480p]
    (Yamaha Pacifica 120)
  3. Plug In Baby [watch—480p]
    (Yamaha Pacifica 120)
  4. Falling Down [watch—480p]
    (Peavey EVH Wolfgang, electric double bass)
  5. Agitated [watch—480p]
    (Yamaha Pacifica 120)
  6. Muscle Museum [watch—480p]
    (Peavey EVH Wolfgang)
  7. Fillip [watch—480p]
    (Peavey EVH Wolfgang)
  8. Cave [watch—480p]
    (Peavey EVH Wolfgang)
  9. Showbiz + Ashamed outro [watch—480p]
    (Yellow Emex Londaxe)


  1. Based on recording


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