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Hello all, attached is part of the email I was sent earlier on today regarding legal actions towards Musewiki. It seems that other sites may have been affected too.


Dear Sir or Madam,

It has been brought to the attention of Warner Music Inc. (“Warner Music”, “we”, “us”) that the website Musewiki (“Musewiki”) with the IP addresses of is conducting unauthorised activities which infringes certain copyrights and trademarks that are owned by Warner Music Inc.

Warner Music Inc. currently owns the trademark related to the term “Muse”. On the 3rd February 2007 this trademark was extended to include a number of additional classes. One of these is a Class 42 which protects the use of the term in relation to Internet Domain Names. To protect the integrity of the Muse brand we will now be actively pursuing legal actions to ensure that the use of these domain names are relinquished. Other Muse related terms also covered under this act are “Apocalypse Please”, “Butterflies and Hurricanes”, “Knights of Cydonia”, “Map of the Problematique”, “Micro Cuts”, “Muscle Museum” and “Plug in Baby”, all of these are now protected from being used within Internet Domain Names without the express written permission of Warner Music Inc..

Warner Music Inc. also owns the international copyright to the following, but not limited to, Muse related forms of content: digital media; lyrics; tablature; visual likeness. These copyrights are being deliberately flouted on a large scale and are damaging the integrity of the intellectual property that we own and have invested in. Warner Music enforces its intellectual property rights very aggressively by using every legal option available.

In order to promote a cooperative and beneficial relationship with fans, Warner Music prefers to send out written requests such as this first, rather than institute litigation or request that your ISP disable your website.

We therefore, without limiting any right, remedy or defence available to us, must ask that you comply with the following requests:

  1. Relinquish the use of the Internet Domain Name
  2. Remove any digital media (such as mp3 files, video files, streamed or downloadable) from your server that are copyrighted works of Muse. This includes all live material, studio material, and non-musical material (such as interviews)
  3. Remove any instances where the lyrics of Muse are reproduced without the express written permission of Warner Music.
  4. Remove any interpretations of the music of Muse provided in the form of tablature, song scores or “MIDI” files.
  5. Remove all photographic material of the members of the band Muse that have been published without the express written permission of Warner Music.

We ask that you advise us within a period of seven (7) days of the date of receiving this notice on whether you intend to comply with our request so that we can determine whether legal action will be required beyond this point.

Thank you for your cooperation on this matter. Please contact us with any further questions at


Right now I'm waiting for feedback from some of my contacts but its safe to say that the aggressively trying to stop musewiki from running. Currently theres a petition about the situation to stop this from happening, please feel free to sign it