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Muse performing Hyper Music

10th November 2001

Muse played Hyper Music and Feeling Good.

This performance of Hyper Music also made it onto a DVD called "Later... Even louder with Jools Holland" which was released 30th May 2005.

30th October 2006

It was filmed about 30th October 2006 but it wasn't broadcasted until 3rd November 2006. Muse headlined the show and played Starlight, Map of the Problematique and finished playing Knights of Cydonia, with Dan playing the trumpet part.

They were also filmed while they were watching other artists' performances. A video of that can be seen here.

15th September 2009

Muse played Uprising, United States of Eurasia, and Undisclosed Desires. This was the first time United States of Eurasia and Undisclosed Desires were played with live strings.

This performance of Uprising saw the debut of the Manson Mirror Kaoss guitar.

25th September 2012

Muse played Madness, Panic Station and Supremacy. Muse performed during the opening episode of Later... with Jools Holland's 41st series. Half of the programme was broadcast live, whilst the full programme was broadcasted on the 28th.

26th May 2015

Muse played Psycho two times, Mercy and Dead Inside. During the first rendition of Psycho, the chorus after the second-to-last Drill Sergeant part and the solo were skipped and the song went directly to the last chorus. Also, during this performance, Bellamy's in-ear monitor pack fell out, leaving him with no monitor mix to play with on live TV.

2nd October 2018

Muse played Pressure, Dig Down, Something Human and The Dark Side. It was the live debut of Something Human and the Acoustic Gospel Version of Dig Down, with Jools Holland on piano. Also, Pressure was played with brass instruments.

Muse did a rehearsal the day before, playing Something Human, but the rest of the soundchecked songs are unknown.


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