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This is a translation into English from French, by Every of Muselive. As such, it may be inaccurate.

01. « Uprising » 5 :02

Matt Bellamy's voice is deeper than usual. In terms of lyrics, its the usual Muse: conspiracies, apocalypse, he announces a gathering, speaks of victory and that "they will not control us." The sound, still very dense and heavy is accompanied by passages of synths. The overall structure is rather straightforward.

02. « Resistance » 5:46

Opening in Piano, cavalcade of drums. You could swear that Freddi Mercury participated in the chorus

03. « Undisclosed Desires » 3:56

A sound very reminiscent of Depeche Mode hovers over this piece without guitars but with vocoder laced vocals

04. « United States Of Eurasia » (+ Collateral Damage) 5:47

Bohemian Rapsody (Queen) + Lawrence of Arabia (la score of Maurice Jarre)+ Chopin =A long cinémato-classic-rock trip

Matt Bellamy has returned to his falsetto. The song ends on a sound of a plane taking off (Space ship? Missile taking off?)

05. « Guiding Light » 4:13

Return of the guitar solo. One of the defining features of the pompous style of Muse

06. « Unnatural Selection »

Opens with Church Organs before the arrival of the drums and the powerful guitars. An epic and lyrical song.

07. « MK Ultra »

Lots of electronics and bodybuilder like riffs. (meaning very very powerful?)

08. « I Belong To You » (+ Mon Coeur S'ouvre A Ta Voix)

A title borrowed from the opera Samson and Dalila. A surprising delayed rhythm. Clarinet arrives at the end of the song. Matt sings a few verses in French ... very hard to understand.

09. « Exogenesis : Symphony Part I » (Overture) 10. « Exogenesis : Symphony Part II » (Cross Pollination) 11. « Exogenesis : Symphony Part III » (Redemption)

Matt's voice is very reminiscent of Thom Yorke here. This symphony would almost pass for the guilty pleasure of a star with a passion for the romantic composers such as Chopin and Liszt...

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