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Inaccurate and incomplete transcription

Matthew Bellamy: Uh, some of these things are just too blatant to ignore I mean, it's something that I kind of came across through the internet and discovering um, I actually heard about you through listening to Coast to Coast with George Noory, I heard you [?] on there, and that's when I first came across you and your work, and then I went onto Google Video and watched some of your films like Terror Storm, and it really kinda opened my eyes to things which I kind of, I kind of felt, you know I kind of had an instinct feeling, something wasn't quite right with the World, something wasn't quite right with the news media, and the way it presents information to us, and, and er, and seeing from your programs, of course, has spread some light onto what I, kind of felt, was going on, you know and I think it's time for people to face up to these things.

Alex Jones: Well I agree. Give us your take on 9/11 and 7/7

Bellamy: Heh, well you know, I agree with you on your theory on false flag operations I mean, I've always had a personal, urm, interest in this 'cause my uncle was actually killed by the IRA, er, in - my Dad's brother that is, er,

Jones: I didn't know that.

Bellamy: And that was something I kind of, dor all my life I've kind of looked at terrorists acts and kind of looked at them from two different angles and thought well, is this the real thing or are we being devalued to devalue a certain organisation's cause. And, I kind of, so really I think I kind of agree with you on September 11th. It's definitely ... you know, whether it's completely made to happen, or whether it's allowed to happen I'm not quite sure, as to which of those two it is. But I think there's definitely a lot of evidence, a lot of questions that need to be asked, a lot of questions need to be answered. Erm,

Jones: Well I agree. What do you think of Hugo Chavez, who, you know, try as they might to demonise him, he's basically giving free heating oil to the American people, and helping his people. He came out now, and I know he's seen my documentaries - I've talked to people who have delivered them to him. He's coming out and saying 'look, controlled demolition, the evidence is the military industrial complex stood to gain from this', he said it needs to be investigated, why do you think they're struggling so hard to not let it be investigated?

Bellamy: Well, I mean, it's clearly, it's clearly, I mean, my [?] view it's not necessarily the urm, the people we think are our leaders, George Bush and Tony Blair

Jones: Oh yeah, they're puppets.

Bellamy: I think the group of people behind these people, I think we're talking about an outsourced, you know something like the NSA, these kind of groups that have been given unbelievable amounts of money to do work behind our backs, and sometimes behind our government's backs, and erm, sometimes they get the chance to do these things without any, having to be accountable at all, and I think some of these agencies, they've been allowed to run free with a lot of, a lot of our money, and it's getting out of control and these people need to be reigned in, you know?

Jones: Well absolutely. We're talking to the lead singer Matt Bellamy of Muse, one of the lead acts of ACL. What do you think of the Texas heat out there?

Bellamy: It's immense, yeah, it's lovely, it's nice to be back though, we er, it's our second concert in Austin, [?], I love playing festivals, it's always a great mixed crowd out there, you get the chance to see acts that you wouldn't normally play with, and it's wonderful day.

Jones: Well listen, it was just wonderful walking through the hallways and hearing your voice, and before we let you go I'd like to get your contact info, because I tried like the devil to try to get your contact info one you had been gracious enough one national BBC television to plug Terror Storm but uh, if you like I ...

Bellamy: I can give you a - is this a private phone call, or is this on air?

Jones: Oh no no, we're on air right now, I'll put you on hold before you leave us and we can get that info.

Bellamy: Yeah, I'll give you my contact information off the air if you don't mind.

Jones: Fantastic, I'm glad I dragged my butt, you know I had a cold but I said I wanted to come in here and do this Sunday show, and sure enough I end up talking to you. What do you think about the reports of the establishment wanting to war with Iran, I mean right now we've got the American people against it, we've got the British people against it, we've got the Iran people don't want it, but why do you think the establishment wants war?

Bellamy: Well I mean, obviously war is a big money making industry and urm, obviously in America it's a very big money making industry, and obviously war is a means to bring in control and pow- control over the domestic population but also power over the World in general, control of natural resources, these kind of things. I mean, it's all pretty, it's all just like, it's survival of the fittest amplified to a nasty level, I think that's what's going on.

Jones: Matt Bellamy what response did you get after you went public er, wearing the Terror Storm t-shirt, what response did you get from your fans, your supporters, the media or others, was there any backlash?

Bellamy: Erm, nothing really, I mean a lot of fans of the band are quite aware of some of my ideas outside of the mainstream if you like, and urm, so really there's quite a bit of support there really, i mean urm, obviously when you're doing interviews with more mainstream news, er, companies or magazines they tend to stay clear of those kind of questions anyway you know, they tend to just avoid all of that stuff, they tend to want to talk about more shallow subjects, which is fair enough 'cause I suppose that's what helps sell their magazines and so forth, but erm, with the hardcore fans of the band I mean, they seem to be quite interested in this stuff anyway, a lot of the people on the message board seem be more clued up than me, which is very encouraging.

Jones: Sure, have you had a chance to take the stage yet or is that coming up tonight?

Bellamy: Er, we're actually going on in a couple of hours, so, getting warmed up right now.

Jones: Wow, so are you playing on before or after Willy Mason?

Bellamy: [laughs]

Jones: Willy was yesterday! Okay, well hey man I've been in a coma basically so.

Bellamy: Well we're playing just before Tom [?].

Jones: Wow, that's incredible.

Bellamy: Half seven yeah.

Jones: Well, I mean you guys are on the top ten of the charts here right now, and even higher in England, that's got to be exciting.

Bellamy: Yeah, it's great, it's great fun for us, I mean this album is the first album where I've started to bring in some of my political views into the actual lyrics of the album, and it's the first time I've really started to talk about these things, and it's great that it happens to be on an album that is having the most success, so yeah, it's good fun.

Jones: Well you know, you mentioned out of the mainstream views, I think it's out of the mainstream that people have courage, I know a lot of other big rock stars and people that know all about 9/11 and contact me about it, but they're scared to death and won't go public. I mean, I commend your courage because, your views are really main stream, the majority of Americans and British in major polls, as well as Canadians, believe there's a cover up, and the majority of those that know it's an inside job are cowards, and they're not like you Matt, so again from the bottom of my heart I salute you sir for going public and speaking out and sending folks to Google Video to watch Terror Storm, and er, we're going to go to break. I want to get your, get your number, get your manager's number so I can contact you guys and have you on when it's a better time.

Bellamy: Okay great, thanks a lot, it's great to speak to you as well.

Jones: Hey great talking to you sir, I'm a big fan.

Bellamy: Okay [?].

Jones: You bet. All right, we're going to go to break, and ur, after we go to break it's all right, we're going to get Matt Bellamy's number.

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