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In Your World video
Muse video
Name In Your World
Album/single In Your World/Dead Star CD (4), IL In Your Would/Dead Star promo (4), BX In Your World/Dead Star CD (5), In Your World promo VHS
Length 2:33
Initial air date 30th May 2002
Filming Location Le Zénith de Paris
Director Matt Askem
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This video is that of a live performance at Le Zénith de Paris mixed with the studio sound recording, directed by Matt Askem. All of the video footage is on the Hullabaloo DVD.

This video uses some unusual effects, such as a shot of Bellamy's partially seethrough face with the rest of the video behind, and said face as a screen playing other footage.

The video was available for viewing by 30th May 2002.[1] It is on the Dead Star/In Your World CD2, which was released on the 17th of June, 2002.


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