Hector Berlioz

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"The sound of our music has always been more important than the lyrics," admits Bellamy, between mouthfuls of paella. Muse music has always exhibited great care in putting disparate musical elements alongside each other, rather like the way early Roxy Music did in another era. And, of course, Bellamy is a huge rock fan, but he's also passionate about Romantic piano composers. When he talks about his favourites - Debussy, Rachmaninov, Berlioz and Chopin - he glows with excitement. The singer also professes to taking inspiration from European folk music, for its "vigorous energy and passion", as well as the 16th-century choral music of Palestrina.

(c) The Independent - London 28 November 2003

Talking to Kerrang! magazine, Matt cited Berlioz's Grande Messe des Morts (Requiem) as one of the songs that had changed his life.

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