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[[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eCTb7hVPNnw |Listen]]
'''[[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eCTb7hVPNnw |Listen]]'''
== Information ==
== Information ==

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Muse song
Name Hate This & I'll Love You
Length 5:19(first Showbiz Ver.)

4:57(inspirations II/limited promo.)

Alternative titles Hate This
First live performance 15th August 1997[1]
Latest live performance 15th July 2001
Recorded 1997 (demo), 1999
Writer/composer Matthew Bellamy
Producer John Leckie



The last song on Showbiz and rarely played live by the band.

Despite the diferent lenghts, all the songs are actually the same studio version, only with less/more silence at the end (the actual international version is 5:09 long).

Near the end of the buildup before the end of the song, Matt's voice is heavily panned left and right. This is their only song to do so.


  1. This song is probably about growing tired of a relationship of which you've given your partner too many chances.
  2. Could be about the same person as in Hyper Music and Uno. Someone who was associated with the band before they made it, who Matthew Bellamy had reason to dislike. (On a similar theme Sunburn seems to be about a girl who was associated with them, who in contrast Bellamy regrets having to leave behind, because he sees her as a star).


The song was first played on August 15th 1997 based on Matt's speech at the Plymouth Hoe performance, although in the past he has been wrong about the live premiere of songs. It was then unknown how often the band played the song throughout 1997 and 1998 due to a lack of known setlists. By 1999 the song was mostly left out of concerts and was only played at acoustic gigs during 1999. The song was completely abandoned during 2000 until the last twelve gigs of the year when it made a few appearances.

As a complete turn around, the song was played at nearly every gig in early 2001. After May 2001 the song only made a few appearances in June and July before being completely dropped as Origin of Symmetry was being released.

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If you listen closely throughout the song, crickets can be heard chirping. They are easiest to hear at the beginning and the end of the song.


Oh I am growing tired

Of allowing you to steal Everything I have, you're making me feel

Like I was born to service you But I am growing by the hour

You left us far behind So we all discard our souls And blaze through your skies So afraid to die

'cause I was born to destroy you And I am growing by the hour And I'm getting strong in every way, yeah, yeah

You led me on, you led me on, you ...

Oh, and I'm getting strong in every way Yeah, yeah

1997 demo

Oh I am growing tired

Of allowing you to steal Everything I had And it's making me feel

Like I walk all over you I am growing by the hour

You left me far behind And I'm always on your track And when I catch you out I will tear your soul apart

I walk all over you And I am growing by the hour And I'm getting stronger every day Yeah, yeah

You scared us both, you scared them

And I'm getting stronger every day Yeah, yeah, yeah Oooooh


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