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Original Gothic Plague members

  • Paul Clark
  • Dominic Howard (Dominique Howard)
  • Andy Tuckett
  • Marcus Weston [1]


See Fixed Penalty.

"As for Dom, he was in the pre-eminently 'popular' band, the one in which everyone wanted to play," says Matt. "Somehow that's how I really started playing guitar, having in mind that I had to improve to be hired by a good band because the one I was in was crap. A little later I made friends with Dom and when they needed a new guitar player in his band I seized upon the opportunity."

After Matt joined the band, they started to call themselves Carnal Mayhem, and then changed it to Youngblood, and finally Gothic Plague, which was given by Dom's sister.

But then Gothic Plague just split up and there were only two of them left. "The others might have left because of me actually," Matt later admitted.

"...Gothic Plague had split up," says Chris, "Matt and Dom were still mates but the other two guys hated them and there was all sorts of fights going on."

However, they soon found themselves needing a new bass player who could also do backing vocals for the band. "Obviously we knew Chris but, at this time he was playing drums," recalls Matt. "I knew he was a scrupulous and serious guy, so we asked him if he wanted to play bass. And thankfully he did."

Fortunately, Chris said yes, and the band decided to change their name to Rocket Baby Dolls.

"I only picked up the bass about two days before I joined Muse actually." recalls Chris. "I started off on the guitar but I was a drummer for about three years. I'd played drums in the band I was in before Muse. Matt and Dom were already starting to record some stuff at school. They were rehearsing in one room and I was rehearsing in another with my band. I was drumming and doing backing vocals so when they knew I could play the guitar they asked if I wanted to try playing bass and do some backing vocals, I said I'd give it a go and that's how it all started."

According to an early interview, Chris joined Gothic Plague after Young Blood but would later return to Fixed Penalty. [2]

On the 18th September 2012, Matt Bellamy posted a picture on his twitter account[3] of the itinerary for a Talent Content in 1991 at a National Youth Theatre show, of those on the set list were Gothic Plague with Dominic Howard performing "Kill your TV", Matt Bellamy performing his own piano composition, and Christopher Wolstenholme performing in an outfit called "The Old Days" performing "In Days of Old". This was sent to him by an old school teacher that he bumped in to on the train[4].

Setlist featuring all 3 Muse members before Muse

Known songs by Gothic Plague

  • Kill Your TV [5]


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