Gdynia Babie Doły 2007 (gig)

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Bellamy playing with his Kaoss Pad in Poland
'Be our Muse' - banner made by Polish Muse fans
Muse show
Venue Babie Doły Military Airport (Open'er Festival)[source?]
Date 30th June 2007[1][source?]
Location Gdynia[source?]
Country Poland
Songs 15[source?]
Support Beastie Boys, Groove Armada[2][source?]
Start 01:30 UTC+2[3][source?]
Capacity Unknown
Price 219.00 - 269.00 (3 day camping), 199.00 - 249.00 (3 day no camping), 130.00 (1 day) PLN[4][source?]
Sold out? Yes (3 days ticket), No (one day ticket)[4][source?]

First Muse gig in Poland.

Tickets were 219 PLN for 3 days with camping and 199 PLN without camping until 1st April, from whence they became 269 PLN and 249 PLN, respectively. Day tickets went on sale 130 PLN on the aforementioned date.[4] The show lasted for 1h and 20 minutes.


After Take a Bow Bellamy said "Hello Polska (Poland)" and after Hysteria and Supermassive Black Hole he said "Thank you". After Supermassive Black Hole Howard said "How is going, Poland?! Yeah, yeah. Nice to see you finally" and next "Cześć!" (Hi!) and "Dziękuję" (Thank you). After Map of the Problematique Dominic said "Dziękuję" (Thank you) again. After Feeling Good Matthew said "Cheers" and "Thank you". After Apocalypse Please Howard said "Dziękuję" again and "Thank you very much. It's pleasure.". After Invincible Bellamy said "Cheers". After Starlight Bellamy said "Cześć!" (he made a mistake - he said "Hi!" instead of "Thank you" ;) ) and Howard said "Thank you very much, you, guys, are good".

At the end, Bellamy said "Thank you very much, Poland" and Howard said "Thank you Poland, cheers, see you next time! You, guys, rock!".



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