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Muse song
Name Falling Away with You
Album/single Absolution (6)
Length 4:40
Alternative titles World Crumbling[1]
First live performance 24th August 2002 (instrumental)
Latest live performance 25th August 2002 (instrumental), 31st July 2008 (riff)
Recorded Air Studios, London[2] and Grouse Lodge, 2003
Writer/composer Matthew Bellamy
Producer Rich Costey[2]



According to Matt Bellamy: "It speaks of the difficulty of remembering the good and bad times, Your memory selects certain moments of your life and zap. What makes you having a hard time remembering things done then, because it is in a corner of your brain .... it's probably a good thing to forget certain moments"[3]

In the POV of Dominic Howard: "A song like 'Falling Away' certainly is about lost memories and how memory sneaks off and you just forget certain things. However, this can be a good thing, too, because it helps to develop and to change if you have to"[4]

Matt also said: "I don't know why this song is soft with the harmony that gives the guitar."[3]

About past relationships.[source?] Matthew Bellamy has said that this has stemmed from feelings that he has had.[source?]

It sounds like a Hang, an instrument similar to a steel drum, was used at the start of this song.

The main riff of the song bears a resemblance to the song "Blackbird" by The Beatles.

Additional information

The song is one of three album tracks never played live (the other two being Exogenesis Symphony Part 2 and Big Freeze), aside from as an instrumental introduction to Eternally Missed for at least the two Carling Weekend performances of 2002. This is because "it never really seemed to work" when played live, according to Christopher Wolstenholme, although he indicated it may be played in the future.[5] The riff was played as an intro to Starlight on the São Paulo, Brazil gig in 2008 which probably hints a preparation for a possible live performance.[6] However, in 2012, being asked on Twitter whether they will ever play the song live, Bellamy replied that he was "not sure".[7] Despite this, a portion of the song was played briefly at a soundcheck on September 9th, 2013, as a piano interlude to Citizen Erased.[8]

Falling Away with You was called World Crumbling during the recording process, as seen on the Making of Absolution bonus DVD.[1]

The chorus of Falling Away with You is played off beat compared to the rest of the song.


I can't remember when it was good

Moments of happiness elude Maybe I just misunderstood

All of the love we left behind Watching the flashbacks intertwine Memories I will never find

So I'll love whatever you become And forget the reckless things we've done I think our lives have just begun I think our lives have just begun

And I'll feel my world crumbling, I'll feel my life crumbling I'll feel my soul crumbling away And falling away, Falling away with you

Staying awake to chase a dream Tasting the air you're breathing in I hope I won't forget a thing

Promise to hold you close and pray Watching the fantasies decay Nothing will ever stay the same

And all of the love we threw away And all of the hopes we've cherished fade Making the same mistakes again Making the same mistakes again

I'll feel my world crumbling, I'll feel my life crumbling I'll feel my soul crumbling away And falling away, Falling away with you

All of the love we left behind Watching the flash backs intertwine Memories I will never find Memories I will never find


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