Exeter Cavern Club Jan 1995 (gig)

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Battle of the Bands Flyer
Muse show
Venue Cavern Club[1]
Date January 23, 1995[1]
Location London[1]
Country United Kingdom
Songs Unknown
Support -[source?]
Start (UTC) Unknown
Capacity Unknown
Price 1.20 GBP[source?]
Sold out? Unknown

Previously unknown gig in the local Battle of the Bands, this flyer surfaced on a website about the history of Gigs at the Exeter Cavern in the Nineties. The blogger seems to be a Muse fan as he/she has made sure to list and bold all of the Muse gigs.

The year has to be 1995 because that's the only year in the 1990's where Jan 23rd was a Monday. This has to be the gig that Muse lost to Honey Sucks for the title, not in March.


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