Execution Commentary (song)

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Muse song
Name Execution Commentary
Album/single Plug in Baby CD1 (3), DE (3), JP (3), Newton Abbot demo (outro to Crazy Days) (7)
Length 2:30
Alternative titles -
First live performance 12th July 1999 (riff)
Latest live performance 15th May 2015 (riff)
Recorded 1996 (Newton Abbot demo), 2001
Writer/composer Matthew Bellamy
Producer A nasty piece of work[1]



Chaotic arrangement of noise, vocals included, but most is indistinguishable screaming with a few phrases such as "come on" and "yeah alright" audible.

Additional information

First recorded in 1996 as an outro to Crazy Days on the Newton Abbot demo. Often used live as an instrumental outro after either Showbiz or Stockholm Syndrome, or as part of a number of similar outros. Also played as a riff in the first live performance of Micro Cuts (song).

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In 2012, Bellamy called it the worst song he had ever written.[2]


Just before the music kicks in there is a hiccup.

The bass-line resembles that of Rage Against The Machine's song "Tire Me".

When using vocal removal software, a very faint laugh can be heard at the end.

At the 1:33 mark of the song after Matt's distorted falsetto, for a few seconds he makes a Bruce Lee type noise.



(Indecipherable screaming) Ah! Aha! Yeah! Yeaee! Oh who wouldn't want to die Ehh weeeoooooowwwww

I have been horrible and could give one in (Indecipherable screaming)


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