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Best Digital Promotion

The United States of Eurasia treasure hunt has been nominated for Best Digital Promotion.[1]

Best Group

Muse has been nominated for Best Group.[1]


Best Rock/Indie Artist

Muse won Best Rock/Indie Artist.[source?] The other artists which were nominated were Bloc Party, Klaxons, Manic Street Preachers and Razorlight.[source?]

Best Official Music Site was nominated for Best Official Music Site.[source?]

Best Unofficial Music Site was nominated for Best Unofficial Music Site but didn't win,[2] instead coming second.[source?] came 6th,[source?] unomuse 137th,[source?] musesyndrome 178th[source?] and shrinkinuniverse 191st.[source?]


Best Rock Artist

Muse won Best Rock Artist.[source?]

Best Fansite won Best Fansite.[source?]


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