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| Zone = UTC+1
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Muse show
Venue Philipshalle[1] (Christmas Special[1])
Date 18th December 1999[2]
Location Düsseldorf, NW[2]
Country Germany
Songs 9[3]
Support Pothead, (supporting) Lightning Seeds[1]
Start (UTC+1) 18:15[1]
Capacity Unknown
Price Unknown
Sold out? Unknown

Christopher Wolstenholme used an electric upright bass for Falling Down. At the end of Execution Commentary, Matthew Bellamy pulled the B string out of his guitar with his fingers.


After Sober Bellamy "Can I have a lot more VG8 please. This next song is called Sunburn".
After Falling Down "Thank you".
Before Uno "Thanks a lot".
Before Showbiz "Why thank you very much indeed. This is our last song now, uh this song is called Showbiz, uh, and it's off our album called Showbiz".
After Showbiz "Thank you very much, [?]".


A video recorded by Rockpalast is available on many websites, and a recording in shn format is available on MuseBootlegs here. It is likely the highest quality video of any 1999 show.

The video is also available in DVD quality on a Bootleg DVD called Box In Ring along with the videos of AB Box 2003 and an incomplete recording of Rock am Ring 2004.



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