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(Finalised tracklisting and speech from old videos unearthed last year)
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[[Category:Missing set-lists]]
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Matthew Bellamy performing inside HMV.
Muse show
Venue HMV Bristol[1]
Date 6th October 1999[1]
Location Bristol[source?]
Country United Kingdom
Songs 3[source?]
Support Unknown
Start Unknown
Capacity Unknown
Price Free[source?]
Sold out? Unknown

One of Muse's in-store signings, during a small promotional tour for the release of Showbiz. This performance was filmed by Matthew George and was partially published to his fan-site The Muscle Museum. Only the video for Cave remains on the website.[1]

3 videos were unearthed and published via Muse Collectors. From these clips, the tracklisting and speech were finalised.


Before Sunburn Bellamy "Urm, Alright. We're going to play some real dodgy versions of some songs from the album. Uh, this is called Sunburn."
After Sunburn "Thank you."
Before Cave "Oooerr, okay."
After Cave "Thank you."
Before Muscle Museum "This next song is uh, it's our last song today. And it's gonna be rereleased as a single. It was on an old EP called Muscle Museum."
After Muscle Museum "Thank you very much."


  1. Sunburn (acoustic)[1]
  2. Cave (acoustic)[1]
  3. Muscle Museum (acoustic)[1]


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