Behold, The Glove (Matthew Bellamy song)

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Official artwork
Matthew Bellamy Song
Name Behold, The Glove
Album/single Simulation Theory Film (deluxe cassette), Cryosleep
Length 2:28
Alternative titles STT Interstitial 2
First live performance 2019-02-22 (shortened)
Latest live performance 2019-10-05 (shortened)
Recorded 2019
Writer/composer Matthew Bellamy
Producer Matthew Bellamy



Originally called STT Interstitial 2, the song was written for the Simulation Theory World Tour, as an intro to Algorithm and only the first half of the song was played via tape. The song, in full, was released as "Behold, The Glove" on August 28th, 2020, after its inclusion in the Simulation Theory Film.

The official release of the song was teased by Matt via various short Instagram clips of him on a horse with the "Power Glove" in the middle of a desert.

Additional Information

The studio version of the song features an extension to the instrumental first part with a slow 80s drum pattern, reminiscent of synthwave songs. The song has also been compared to Jean Michel Jarre.

The song was mixed and mastered by Aleks Von Korff.

Music Video

The music video, at 3 minutes long, shows Bellamy in the middle of the desert playing a synthesizer with the power glove, and playing a keytar aswell as riding a horse on the beach. The music video was directed by Lance Drake. It depicts the events after the Simulation Theory Film. It can be seen here.