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[[File:SixthAlbumWorkingTitleDomKitana.jpg| thumb | right | Dom with the names Leaked]]
[[File:MuseMoreTitlesAdrianBushby.jpg| thumb | right |Muse showing more work-in-progress song titles]]
| Name = Animals
| Name = Animals
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== Information ==
== Information ==
[[File:MuseMoreTitlesAdrianBushby.jpg| thumb | right |Muse showing more work-in-progress song titles]]
The name of this working title song was shown on a photo posted by the Muse account on Twitter.<ref name="MoreMuseWork"/>
The name of this working title song was shown on a photo posted by the Muse account on Twitter.<ref name="MoreMuseWork"/>

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Muse showing more work-in-progress song titles
Muse song
Name Animals
Album/single The 2nd Law
Length 4:23
Alternative titles -
First live performance 20th September 2012
Latest live performance 21st June 2015
Recorded 2011-2012
Writer/composer Matthew Bellamy
Producer Muse



In an NME article the song was described as being "flamenco-flecked." When earlier describing the album on Twitter, Matt was possibly referring to 'Animals' as 'face melting metal flamenco cowboy psychedelia.'

'Animals' is about economies collapsing under the weight of stock market savagery, of industries desperate to "advertise, franchise… kill the competition," and of the greed of bankers who Matt claims should "kill [themselves]." Matt says: "This song is conjuring up the rawest form of that feeling of 'look what humans are capable of doing, it's shocking.'"[1]

Matt said in an interview with 1Radio that this song was influenced by a Queens of the Stone Age song that has a 5/4 time signature (Most likely Hangin' Tree). He also said Animals is the hardest song to play live off The 2nd Law due to having to play lead guitar and sing at the same time.

The piano riff bears similarity to Exile Vilify by The National.

This song has been compared to flamenco-guitar artists and Queens of the Stone Age.


'Animals' is a unique composition in Muse's discography, being the band's first full song to use a 5/4 time signature, and marking their first use of polymeters as a band, (previously used in Hoodoo with a string section): during the outro, the drums play in 4/4 while the other instruments remain in 5/4. It's also the first Muse song written in the key of E♭ minor. The progression in the chorus is similar to Screenager. The bridge that leads into the guitar solo bears a resemblance to the outro of Unnatural Selection. Throughout the guitar solo, the band plays 3 bars of 5/4; the 4th bar being 6/4. Throughout this solo, the crash is hit in 5/2 time for two bars, and then 11/4 for the next two bars in a similar fashion.

According to Jeuxactu, a French magazine, the song has a fast beat, and while heavy riffs seem expected, the song has a simple, short guitar solo. [2]

Bellamy's vocal range in the song spans from G♭3 to A♭4.


The name of this working title song was shown on a photo posted by the Muse account on Twitter.[3]



You’re an animal Don’t take anything less

Out of control You’re out of control Strike those in distress

Analyse Advertise Expand Bend more rules Buy yourself an island

Animals We’re animals Buy when blood is on the street

Out of control We’re out of control Crush those who beg at your feet

Analyse Franchise Spread out Kill the competition And buy yourself an ocean

Amortise Downsize Lay off Kill yourself Come on and do us all a favour (Big crowds screaming and individuals counting can be heard in the outro) (Wall street trading floor samples)


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