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Muse show
Venue Adelaide Entertainment Centre[1]
Date 14th November 2007[1]
Location Adelaide, SA[1]
Country Australia
Songs 17[2]
Support The Checks[1]
Start (UTC+9.30) 19:30[source?]
Capacity ~12,000[3]
Price (AUD) 82.34 (silver), 94.25 (gold)[source?]
Sold out? Gold: Yes, Silver: No[source?]

Tickets went on sale on the 16th August at 09:00, with a fan pre-sale on the 15th of August starting at 11.30.

Ruled by Secrecy was played for the first time since May 2005.


After Take a Bow Bellamy "Hello Adelaide, How's it going?"[4]
Before Butterflies & Hurricanes Howard "Hello Adelaide, it's great to see you again. How are you guys this evening? Nice".
After Butterflies & Hurricanes Bellamy "Thanks".
After Ruled by Secrecy "Thank you very much".
After Feeling Good "Thank you very much, Adelaide"
After Sunburn "Thanks very much".
After Fury "Cheers"
Before Starlight "This next song is Starlight".
After The Groove "Thank you".
After Plug In Baby "Thank you Adelaide".
After Knights of Cydonia "Thank you Adelaide, cheers".
Howard "You guys rock Adelaide, you're cool as fuck. We'll see you next time, cheers".


'Jonathan'/'donaldbain' made a recording. It is available here[registration needed] in FLAC format, here[registration needed] in mp3 format and here[broken link] in Vorbis. It is also available within a split archive in Vorbis: first part second part.


Audio hashes

  • Hash tables »

  • Here are hashes of the pcm audio data.
    01 a69d8c96486f9f0f529adac5efe373bd
    02 6948d73a805ce4e73befd99065aba7f3
    03 93d400494b6f8cde68908d541cd00e43
    04 46b80660c1562d011eb73f05ef4894fb
    05 f032cc574565b70a671a2d20eb31ad62
    06 ad1d1b5b7e2baa0100e147f52394e51d
    07 6a5e976e73bf6a6889b42a7f4e97559f
    08 45b47fc364d440d23b1904ec3e8240f9
    09 a84c56ef1c917f147592edace9eab613
    10 cb20d850bd6e4c63d00b961f4fa3d897
    11 625e4a8b44345f56679acfa26533a31f
    12 647fddecbaab5ed2f75cad6760bbfadc
    13 ab0fdc230d4b740ad2473be923cb623d
    14 5982eaed0047f4dd02da9fc426c30c16
    15 f047d99e84a06bf88f8ca247d5257c37
    16 42dd4272c8bfeca6c9a43476aaa38117
    17 beb34870455a3f1c8ce8c440601bc5a9
    18 2ed602265224c962e7f248e0f3c992ae


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