2009/03/07? I'm not sure if the wind blowing my dress up would benefit our career - Matt: @NME awards.

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It's a chilling moment. The three suited agents of The Rawk slink bravel onstage only to be confronted with -egad!- the scariest, thge hardest, the most implacable of all villains. Grace Jones, or May Day as she was known in 'A View To A Kill, finally, decisively , cements their reputation as the best live band ever ever ever in all creation in a world without end amen. From one consumate creator of stage miracles and sterling stewerdship to another, passes Muse's approximately 2'300th award for best live act.

Once she has them upstairs, posing for photos, it's a differnet story. The 60-year-old diva, sickeningly lithe in black and a diamante cyborg face mask, coos over the dimiunutive Devon rockers. As they pose for cosy shots, she purrs "I can take one home and keep it on my piano". Muse look slightly unsure whether she means the statuette or the band themselves.

"My brother had her song 'Pull to the Bummer' on a 12-inch and she was like greased up on the cover" says Matt Bellamy. "I can tell you - well, not too much actually - but I can say she helped me develop in my adolescent satges"

Lordy! Well do you think you can learn anything fro Grace's military operation on stage?

"I saw her on Later... with Jools Holland and she did this wind machine thing where the wind lifted her dress up" enthuses Matt, wide-eyed. " I'm not sure it would be any benefit to our career if I did that though" he adds, a little crest-fallen.

Well, we're not sure ... Matt Bellamy, Best Dressed (quite literally) man of 2010. The campaign starts here.

By Emily Mackay