Vienna Wiener Stadthalle 2006 (gig)

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Promotional poster
Set list
Matthew in Vienna
Muse show
Venue Wiener Stadthalle (Halle D)[source?] [en: Viennese Town Hall]
Date 8th December 2006[source?]
Location Vienna[source?]
Country Austria
Songs 18[1][source?]
Support The Noisettes[2][source?]
Start 19:30, 18:30 UTC+1 (doors)[3][source?]
Capacity 12,200[source?]
Price 37.00 EUR[source?]
Sold out? Yes[source?]

Ticket pre-sale was from August 24th to August 26th through Elca Services. General sale was from August 26th.

A bunch of people were standing in front of the Stadthalle with signs showing "We need tickets".

The balloons were released during Bliss.[1]

Whilst waiting for the balloons to be popped, Howard performed a drum roll, and Bellamy and Howard jammed.


After Hysteria, Bellamy said "Guten Abend, Wien" ("Good evening, vienna"). After Supermassive Black Hole he said "Vielen Dank" ("Thank you"). He said "Thank you" after Feeling Good. Before Soldier's Poem, he said "Thank you Vienna, thank you very much. We love you and we love your city, that's for sure". After Soldier's Poem, he said "Vielen Dank". After Knights of Cydonia, he said "Vielen Dank Vienna, thank you".

Howard said "Vielen Dank, thank you very much Vienna" after Butterflies & Hurricanes. After Bliss, he said "Okay you have to pop the balloons before we can play. [...] That's how you do it, with a bass". Before Soldier's Poem, he attempted speaking German by saying: "Für diesen Song macht eure Feuerzeuge und Handys an" ("For the next song switch on your lighters and mobile phones").


An audience recording in FLAC format is available here. The recording was taken from "about 15 metres" in front of the sound desk, through MM-HLSC 1 stereo microphones with an iRiver h120p.[4]

This audience recording is also available here (muselive)



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