Sydney Showground 2007 (gig)

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The Hand of God
Muse show
Venue Sydney Showground[source?] (Big Day Out[source?])
Date 25th January 2007[1]
Location Homebush Bay, Sydney, NS[source?]
Country Australia
Songs Unknown
Support Jet[source?]
Supported Tool[source?]
Start (UTC+11) Unknown, 11:00[1] (doors)
Capacity 55,000[source?]
Price (AUD) 115.00, 125.00 (first ballot), 150.00 (second ballot)[1]
Sold out? Yes[1]

Tickets went on general sale 13th October 2006. After tickets sold out, a further 10,000 tickets were made available for weekly ballots leading to the event. The first 5,000 cost 125.00 AUD, the second 5,000 cost 150.00.[1] Muse played after Jet and before Tool, which headlined the Big Day Out festival.

Matt played the closing riff to "Plug In Baby" behind his head. Flames were used during Take a Bow, both from the stage and from a "hand" on top of the stadium known as "The Hand of God".[2]


An interview of this gig is available here.



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