Sunburn/Overdue (demo)

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Front cover
Muse demo
Name Sunburn/Overdue
Tracks 2
Total length 6:40
Recorded 1999
Writer/composer Matthew Bellamy
Producer Unknown
Art work
Publisher Mushroom
Format(s) CD-R
Catalogue №
Release date 1999
Chart position
demo chronology
1998 Sawmills demo


An untitled demo CD-R, often referred to by the tracks on it, that was made during the early stages of the recording of Showbiz. It features the original version of Sunburn, before John Leckie suggested Matt should play it on the piano.[1] It is played on guitar and features different lyrics. The demo also includes a version of Overdue that differs from the Muse EP version, but is not yet the same as the Showbiz version.

On the 9th December 2007, a copy was auctioned fetching 310.00 GBP.[2]

Track list

  1. Sunburn (unmastered demo)
  2. Overdue (unmastered demo)


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