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Muse performed with Slipknot in Metalfest in Spain. Dominic Howard is seen in a Slipknot mask in the 2nd disc of the Hullabaloo DVD. During a European festival Dom was found "losing it" after he got his hands on Corey's Slipknot mask.

"Oh, the Slipknot guy threw it to this girl at the side of the stage after they played because he must have wanted to impress her" Matt references to this incident during a Japanese tour of Origins in 2001,

Unfortunately for him she wanted me so we got it. I think Dom got possessed by the spirit of Slipknot when he put it on. He was running around screaming."

[1]Kerrang - Muse in Tokyo [August 11 2001]

  1. Kerrang - Muse in Tokyo [August 11 2001]