São Paulo HSBC Brasil 2008 (gig)

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Set-list sheet
Muse show
Venue HSBC Brazil[1]
Date 31st July 2008[1][2]
Location São Paulo, SP[2]
Country Brazil
Songs 15[1]
Support Unknown
Start 22:00 (show)[3], 20:00[3] (doors)
Capacity 4,500[4]
Price (BRL) 140.00 (stood); 160.00 (seated)[3]
Sold out? Unknown

One of three gigs in Brazil first mentioned as rumours in early May.[5] Along with the other two, it was confirmed on the 12th of June through the Muse website,[2] after a musewire bulletin the previous day telling Brazilian fans to "stay tuned" for a live announcement.[6]


Brazil Telecom's iG webcast three songs: Knights of Cydonia, Hysteria and Bliss.



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