Quelli che... il Calcio 2009-09-20

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Interview given following Muse's appearance on Quelli che... il Calcio on 20/09/2009. Dom was the only one giving the interview, and he was using a translator, hence why the grammar is all over the place.


Simona Ventura: So your new album (The Resistance) it's been completely recorded between Milan and the lake of Como... you love our country, why you love Italy??

Dom: It's a beautiful country, we love to be here.. and our drummer Matt (The band swapped roles due to Rai Due's request that they lip sync) lives in Como, so we built a studio in Italy, we had a lot of fun.... you can have a lot of creativity!

Simona: I know that one of you has an italian girlfriend, a psychologist... right?

Dom: Yeah, our drummer..

Simona: What is better? Clooney's house or the drummer's house??

Dom: I think George's is better... it is huge....

Simona: I had read that you love simphonic music, you have a 40 pieces orchestra here in Milan, why this mix between rock music and orchestral music?

Dom: The band had a kind of influence by the piano and artists such as Chopin and Rachmaninov so we tried tho take an orchestra to do something different from the past... it's been amazing

Simona: You talk a lot about apocalypse and real problems, your album (Presumably referring to the single Dead Star) came out on 9/11... don't think it's just a coincidence..

Dom: Oh no it's just a coincidence.. someone thinks about a conspiracy but we are in a different time, the world is different and there was no messages with the album release.

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