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Stock Yamaha Pacifica 120SJ (notice the two knobs instead of four)
Pacifica 120
Manufacturer Yamaha
Used ≤1997-??-?? – 2000-??-??
Body type Solid
Neck joint Bolt-on
Body covering Black
Wood Body: alder (or basswood?)
Neck: maple
Fingerboard: rosewood
Bridge Fixed
Electronics Two volume, two tone, three-way switch
Special circuits Roland GK-2A MIDI pickup internal kit

The single cutaway Pacifica was one of Matt's first guitars used with Muse, and one of his main guitars during pre and early Showbiz touring. A video of the guitar being used at Muse's 1997 performance at the Budstock Festival can be seen here.

Modifications to Bellamy's Pacifica 120 included the installation of two DiMarzio humbucker pickups and the Roland GK2 Midi pickup system for use with the Roland VG8 pedal board.


As mentioned before, the guitar has been used in pre/early Showbiz tours, meaning it has probably been used before 1997. It has been used up until 2000.

The current whereabouts of the guitar are unknown.

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