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The term 'overwikification' can be explained like this:

The rock band Muse has its members Matthew Bellamy, Dominic Howard, and Chris Wolstenholme. Matthew Bellamy, or Matt, provides the guitar, vocals, and keyboarding for Muse, Dominic Howard, or Dom, provides the drums and other percussion for Muse, and Chris Wolstenholme, otherwise known as just Chris, provides the bass and backing vocals for Muse.

To Notice

Notice there are 4 interlinks to the Muse page, 3 interlinks to Matt's page, 3 interlinks to Dom's page, and 3 interlinks to Chris's page. Most of those links should not exist as it will be overwikification if there is more than one interlink to the same page on the same page. The paragraph above is purely an example.

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