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Microcuts is a French fansite which began as Musenet in 1999. Today, it is one of the oldest active Muse fansites. Microcuts features tabs, discography, photograph and media gallery, video, audio and a news article archive which MuseWiki makes extensive use of.

As of 2/11/2020, Microcuts.net has been offline for over a year. Unfortunately any links that Musewiki used for the site are now dead :(

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On the 7.12.10 Microcuts.net posted this article.

-It's been almost a year without any updates in the news section, many reasons for that and I won't get into any details but after more than 10 years following MUSE, and a huge amount of work, let's face it, we (or I) don't really care anymore.

We will focus our effort on the photo gallery because it's huge, awesome and there's nothing better out there.

Please go to Musewiki for the latest news, tour dates etc., they are doing a great job over there.