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Entrance to Academy 1
The Students' Union building

Manchester Academy is the name given to the University of Manchester Students' Union's four concert venues. The venues are called Academy 1, 2 and 3, and Club Academy. The venues are housed in two buildings; the original 1957 Students' Union building, and the Academy, built in 1990. After the merging of the University in 2004, the venues carried the "Academy" moniker. All venues are owned by the University of Manchester and are operated by SJM Concerts.

The venues are as follows:

  • Academy 1: Academy 1 opened in 1990 with a capacity of 1,500, which, at the time, made it the third largest concert venue in Manchester. In 2013, the capacity has been increased to 2,600 and is the biggest venue of them all. The venue is often reffered to as "Manchester Academy". It's also the only venue of all four that is located in a standalone building.
  • Academy 2: Academy 2 is located in the second floor of the original Students' Union building and was formerly known as the "Main Debating Hall". Academy 2's capacity is 950.
  • Academy 3: With a capacity of 470, it's the smallest of the bunch. Also known as the "Hop and Grape", it is located on the first floor of the original building. During the 1980s, it was called the "Solem Bar".
  • Club Academy: Third largest venue of the four, located in the basement of the original building, it was originally known as "The Cellar" and the "Cellar Disco". It's capacity is 650.

Through the years, Manchester Academy hosted several concerts by artists such as Prince, The Cure, Fall Out Boy, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Status Quo, Lady Gaga, Paramore, Nirvana, Queen, Cream, The Who, Dire Straits, The Chainsmokers, Watsky and more.

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Manchester Academy
Oxford Road
University of Manchester Campus
Manchester M13 9PR
United Kigndom

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