London Abbey Road Studios 2006 (gig)

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Muse show
Venue Abbey Road Studios[source?] (Live from Abbey Road[source?])
Date 28th August 2006[source?]
Location London[source?]
Country United Kingdom
Songs 3[source?]
Support -[source?]
Start (UTC+1) Unknown
Capacity Unknown
Price Free[source?]
Sold out? -[source?]

According to The Independent, the band, along with Morgan Nicholls,[1] spent the day after the Leeds Carling Weekend recording three tracks for Live from Abbey Road, a new Channel 4 series.[2] The venue was EMI's Abbey Road Studios.

Dan Newell, the band's live trumpeter, was drafted in for the first time at this performance. Matthew Bellamy can be seen playing/improvising a piece on the piano on video, which bears a slight resemblance to some of the piano work in Exogenesis: Symphony. It is pure speculation however whether this was one of the snippets of piano Bellamy used to put together the Symphony.

The recording was initially broadcast two times. The first was on 'More 4', 23rd Febuary 2007 23:00 UTC. The second was on 'Channel 4', 26th February 2007.[1] Since then, it has been broadcast several more times on various channels.


Bellamy Before Map of the Problematique "I think with the band, we're kind of showing, a lot of sides of ourselves, we're not narrowing it down to just one style or one voice or opinion, I think that you can hear within any album a number of contradictions, both musically and lyrically. We're just kind of exploring into the fringe a little bit, the fringe of your imagination, the fringe of your abilities. Some songs, for me, are kind of really touching on the unknown, in my own self if you like, and sometimes you can stumble across something a bit, a bit dark, but I think that's just humanity, I don't think that's anything particular with us. If any person explores all of the regions of their imagination they're going to stumble across some dark cave somewhere."
After Map of the Problematique "[laughs] That sounded in time to me."
Before Starlight "Who says go, I still can't work it out! Last time it was ? !"
Before Knights of Cydonia "I just found myself not really comfortable with any other kind of guitar. I'd pick up like, a Fender, and as soon as I'd pick it up I'd just play Hendrix riffs, I couldn't play anything else. I used to find myself playing all these blues-y riffs. Some of these guitars are so haunted by the bands that made them famous. It's very difficult to pick up some of those instruments without the ghosts of those bands coming through your playing. If you are going to look for something more unique I think you just need to invent something."


You can watch the full performance here.



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