Line 6 DL4

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Line 6 DL4

The Line 6 DL4 Delay Stompbox Modeler is the first stompbox to give you digitally modeled effects. Includes 16 vintage delay and echo effects including Tube Echoplex, Space Echo, Deluxe Memory Man, Analog Delay, Reverse, and many more. It also provides for 3 programmable presets and an onboard Tap Tempo control, 14 seconds of sample-loop memory, true bypass switching, an expression-pedal input for realtime control of all effects settings, and stereo inputs and outputs.

Bellamy used the DL4 as his main delay pedal for the Showbiz and Origin of Symmetry Tours, he has since replaced it with the Line 6 Echo Pro, the MIDI Controlled Rack Version of the DL4.

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