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Hyper Music video
Muse video
Name Hyper Music
Album/single Hyper Music/Feeling Good CD (4), Hyper Music Box Hyper Music/Feeling Good CD (5), BX Hyper Music maxi CD (4), Hyper Music promo VHS (1)
Length 3:48
Initial air date October 2001
Filming Location Black Island Studios, Acton, London[1]
Director David Slade
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David Slade (director): "This was a double A side single, I wrote about seven treatments for Feeling Good to find that they actually needed two videos for both sides of the single."

"It seemed that performance was what was needed. We had to split one budget into two videos and so this became an exercise in invention and improvisation."

"Hyper Music turned out to be the nastiest looking violent performance video I have ever had the fortune to shoot."


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